Workhorse Mobile Equipment Gallery

The Workhorse Pipe Laydown Trailer and Mobile Catwalks are custom-built with improvements and functions to make handling pipe easier and safer. Our Workhorse Pipe Handler can easily be moved or maneuvered into place using a truck or forklift. The Workhorse Wrangler pipe handler introduces speed and efficiency that improves production times and reduces overall well servicing costs. Our portable Hydraulic Pickup & Laydown system will provide a competitive edge over other pipe handling equipment.


Workhorse Mobile Pipe Laydown Trailer – Model 4840

The Workhorse Laydown Trailer is a custom built Gooseneck Trailer with a 40 foot bed built for the Workover Rig Industry. It has a 40 foot trough with a 10 foot hydraulic folding Extension and can lift 4,000 lbs to over 30 feet.



Workhorse Mobile Pipe Laydown Trailer – Model 2340


Workhorse Catwalk 360 – Mobile Pipe Handler

The Workhorse Catwalk 360 is a small pipe handling platform built for the Service Rig Industry. At only 36 ft long, 4 ft wide and 42 inches tall, it can lift 2000 lbs to 16 feet high.