Workhorse Catwalk 360

The Workhorse Hydraulic Catwalk is custom built with improvements and functions to make handling pipe easier and safer. The Workhorse Catwalk 360 is a small pipe handling platform built for the Service Rig Industry. The main frame is only 36 ft long, 4 ft wide and 42 inches tall. The trough is 40 ft long and has a 4ft removable extension to increase the length to 44 ft. The design of how the Trough is raised allows it to remain within 6 inches of the Rig Platform through the entire range of 4 ft to 18 ft. Patent #’s 9,863,193 & 10,408,001.

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• Trailer unit design with removable axels and 5/16 ball hitch

• Gvwr 6500 lbs

• 36 ft long frame x 4 ft wide x 42 in high

• Trough length with extension – 44 ft

• 18 ft height reach

• 2,000 lb lifting capacity

• 6-1/2 in diameter pipe working capacity

• 23 second complete cycle time

• 13 gallon diesel tank

• 12 hp hatz diesel engine

• 4 hydraulic kickers

• 4 hydraulic indexers

• 4 hydraulic roll offs

• 4 manual outrigger jacks

• 3 electric jacks to remove axles

• Remote control


The Catwalk 360 comes with a removable 6,000 lb Torflex modified axle. Three electric jacks to raise and lower unit.  Each stub axle can be removed by one person and stored inside unit.  Unit comes with a 4 foot lift arm extension to be used for heights above 12 feet.  Four manual outrigger jacks on each corner can be used to stabilize Catwalk at raised elevations.




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