Catwalk 360 with Removable Axle

The Catwalk 360 now with a removable 6,000 lb Torflex modified axle. Three electric jacks to raise and lower unit.  Each stub axle can be removed by one person and stored inside unit.  Unit comes with a 4 foot lift arm extension to be used for heights above 12 feet.  Four manual outrigger jacks on each corner can be used to stabilize Catwalk at raised elevations to achieve lift arm height between 14 to 17 feet.

The Workhorse Laydown Trailer and Hydraulic Catwalks are custom-built with improvements and functions to make handling pipe easier and safer. The Workhorse Laydown Trailer is a custom built Gooseneck Trailer with a 40 foot bed built for the Workover Rig Industry. It has a 40 foot trough with a 10 foot hydraulic folding Extension and can lift 4,000 lbs to over 30 feet. The Workhorse Catwalk 360 is a small pipe handling platform built for the Service Rig Industry. At only 36 ft long, 4 ft wide and 42 inches tall, it can lift 2000 lbs to 12 feet high.

• Removable  2-5/16 ball hitch.

• Removable 6,000 lb Torflex modified axle

• Three electric jacks

• 4 foot lift arm extension